THe finest medieval music. coming straight at you from the year 1350!

Falsobordone is one of Sweden's most established and acclaimed medieval ensembles, celebrating 25 years of music in 2021! In those years, they have performed all over the world, including in USA, Russia and most European countries. They also play Nordic traditional music (albeit with a slight medieval tinge) but then under the name "Dråm". The two founding members, Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors, have been well awarded : They are both "Riksspelmän" ("Master Musician of the Realm"), they recently received the Folk Heroes Award at the Swedish Folk & World Music Gala and Erik won the prestigious Solo Bagpipe Competition at Chateau d'Ars in 2019!

In Falsobordone, Erik plays bagpipes, shawm, rauschpfeife, harp, organetto, citole, and sings. Anna plays rebec, Moraharpa, bagpipes, percussion and also sings. Some favorite and frequent guest musicians (who you can all hear on the latest CD!) include Karin S. Lagergren (voice), Magne Pettersson (hurdy-gurdy), Daniel Åhlman (percussion) and Shira Kammen (fiddle). Read on for information about our different programs and recordings!

Don't miss: Falsobordone is being featured on Swedish Television's show "Sveriges Musikhistoria - The Music History of Sweden"! You can watch it here on SVTPlay.

1350 -
Music for a plague

The year is 1350 and there is music everywhere! Everyone wants to escape these terrible times of danger, death and plague. Escape by dancing, loving and living for now, more than ever...

Via Peregrini - pilgrim music from the Middle Ages

The life of a medieval pilgrim could be exhausting and dangerous as well as spiritually fulfilling and rewarding! Often, music would serve as a welcome distraction on the long way - or as something even more important, indeed as one of the pillars in the spiritual experience that the pilgrim took part in...

nordic folk music

Dråm is Falsobordone's alter ego where we indulge in our other passion - folk music (mainly from Sweden and the Nordic countries) with a slightly medieval tinge. The word "Dråm" is an old dialect word for "drone", an important element in the music of both groups...

Sigrid and the Dragon

In this show for kids and families, you will meet Sigrid and the Dragon, but you also talking birds, Sigrid's mysterious grandfather and the only smith who can make a sword worthy of fighting a dragon! You will learn how to face your fears and that you can do anything if you just give it your best shot - and of course, NEVER wake up a sleeping dragon!